PHASEIN - Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

"Improving Patient Outcomes and Reducing Cost of Care... taking Noninvasive Monitoring to New Sites and Applications."

Masimo is committed to improving patient outcomes and reducing cost of care by working with dedicated hospital staff to convert healthcare institutions around the world to Masimo SET pulse oximetry technology. We are accomplishing this goal through partnering with our patient monitoring companies and caregivers and creating innovative, cost-effective acquisition programs for Masimo SET products for the benefit of the patients.


Masimo Sweden AB´s vision is to become the partner of choice for those requiring a mobile and flexible solution for measuring respiratory gases in any clinical application.

Masimo Sweden AB´s in-house tradition and expertise in developing gas analysis systems has resulted in the world’s smallest mainstream multigas analyzer, the world’s smallest sidestream analyzer and the world’s smallest emergency capnometers and capnographs.

Masimo Sweden AB´s slogan ”Plug-in and measure…™” reflects the company’s vision for the future.

Masimo Sweden AB, Svärdvägen 15, 182 33 Danderyd, Sweden, Phone: +46 8 544 98 150, Fax: +46 8 544 98 169
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