SIGMA Multigas Technology™

SIGMA Multigas Technology™

A new heart for the ultimate multigas performance

If you are considering adding gas monitoring to your system then there are many considerations you should take into account. Some are of obvious importance while others are subtle, yet critical for your ultimate satisfaction and success. When it comes to SIGMA technology each detail and function is engineered to facilitate a successful design into your product.

The SIGMA spectrometer
At the heart of any ISA multigas analyzer lies PHASEIN’s sophisticated SIGMA spectrometer. This state-of-the-art spectrometer detects the slightest
changes in infrared radiation at nine different wavelengths in the LWIR spectrum to precisely determine gas concentrations in a mixture. The SIGMA spectrometer has a true single beam design, thus eliminating frequent zeroing common for older designs using dual beam sensors or beam splitters.

SIGMA can be tailored to a variety of applications ranging from single gas capnography in the ICU (ISA CO2) to state-of-the-art multigas measurements of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), and binary anesthetic agents, with agent identification, in the OR (ISA AX+). Irrespective of the application, the SIGMA spectrometer deliveries state-of-the-art performance in a package weighing less than 5g!

No cross interference or broadening effects
The SIGMA spectrometer uses the 4 to 10 μm LWIR wavelength band to precisely measure the infrared absorbtion caused by molecules in the gas sample. The LWIR wavelength band contains strong absorbtion peaks for CO2, N2O and the anesthetic agents, with negligible interference from alcohol, acetone, and other gases and vapors that could potentially degrade measurement accuracy. In the multigas version, seven carefully selected narrow band optical filters are used to trace the gas sample composition, while two filters are used for temperature compensation. The precisely tuned optical filter set provides for high signal-to-noise ratio gas measurements, as well as automatic compensation for cross interference and broadening effects caused by oxygen, nitrous oxide, anesthetic agents and for pressure broadening effects.

Crisp waveforms in any clinical situation
Every single detail in an ISA analyzer has been engineered to precisely depict the clinical situation, even for young patients with very high breathing rates. To be able to measure under such extreme conditions, the measuring chamber of the SIGMA spectrometer has been compressed to 50 μl (microliters)! ISA is the world’s first multigas sidstream analyzer with a 50 ml/min sampling flow for all patients, from adults to neonates.

Patented gas measurement algorithms
The SIGMA spectrometer, the flow controller and the micro-pump are controlled by a 32-bit RISC microprocessor. Analog pressure, temperature and flow signals combined with data from the SIGMA spectrometer are processed using complex, matrix calculations. The latest advances in digital signal processing provide unparallelled gas measurement accuracy and reliable agent gas identification in any clinical situation.

Temperature stabilized gas analysis
The ISA analyzers are designed without the need for heaters or coolers. Instead, three temperature sensors and two optical filters in the SIGMA spectrometer are used to compensate for temperature variations and gradients. The result is not only an impressive low power consumption, but also ”instant on” performance. Accurate data is available within 10 seconds, and full accuracy for anesthetic agents within one minute from power on.

High efficiency LWIR light source
PHASEIN’s has engineered its own infrared source to provide excellent power efficiency and stability. A specially designed parabolic reflector focuses the infrared beam so that no energy is lost. That means the ISA analyzers can deliver high fidelity gas data while maintaining micropower operation.

Light emitting gas inlet – LEGI™
The advanced LEGI gas inlet and status indicator detects the presence of the Nomoline sampling line, and conveys color-coded information about the bench status and the alarm system. LEGI interfaces directly to PHASEIN’s Nomoline for optimal performance and protection from water, mucus, and bacterial contamination. When no sampling line is connected, ISA automatically enters into a low power, standby mode. Once the sampling line is connected, ISA enters into a measuring mode and starts delivering gas data. The LEGI can be easily detached from the ISA body to add flexibility to the monitor design.

No moisture, no water traps
The ISA analyzers interface to PHASEIN’s Nomoline family of gas sampling lines; the world’s first sampling lines that remove both water and water vapor from the sample flow.

Integrated flow controller
The ISA analyzers, despite their very small size, integrate an advanced flow controller that secures a stable low flow of 50 ml/min for all applications, and under varying ambient conditions. Unlike other less sophisticated solutions, ISA automatically handles both patient and exhaust pressure variations, as well as a wide ambient temperature and pressure range. A gas reference valve is also provided to facilitate automatic span calibration of the optional oxygen sensor.

Durable micro pump
The integrated high reliability micro pump is fitted with a low power brushless motor. Three miniature ball bearings ensures trouble free operation without any regular maintenance. The balanced shaft design and integrated pneumatic filter virtually eliminates pressure and flow variations.

Universal interface protocol
ISA uses PHASEIN’s proprietary interface protocol, common to all our products, ranging from mainstream CO2 sensors to sidestream multigas analyzers. Changing from a mainstream to a sidestream option in your design is as simple as plug-in and measure…

RS232 or USB interfaces
The ISA analyzers are available with either a standard RS232 or a USB interface.

Rugged design
The ISA analyzers are lightweight, have a rugged design and are engineered for a wide temperature range for any clinical application including emergency and transport applications.

Oxygen options
For oxygen measurement, the ISA analyzers interface to a Galvanic Oxygen Sensor or a Paramagnetic Oxygen Sensor.

Factory calibrated
The ISA analyzers are factory calibrated and do not require calibration in the field.

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